Travelling. Means of transport

 Why do people travel

Many people are fond of travelling. People travel to see other countries and continents, to study different traditions, to try different food, or to explore beautiful places. They all travel in different ways.

Мно­гие люди любят пу­те­ше­ство­вать. Люди пу­те­ше­ству­ют, чтобы уви­деть дру­гие стра­ны и кон­ти­нен­ты, изу­чить дру­гие тра­ди­ции, по­про­бо­вать дру­гую еду или ис­сле­до­вать кра­си­вые места. Все они пу­те­ше­ству­ют раз­лич­ны­ми спо­со­ба­ми.

 The list of means of transport

Study the following list of means of transport:

Виды транс­пор­та

Рис. 1. Виды транс­пор­та

human foot
Euro Star
hot air balloon
speed boat
steam train

 Transportation song

You can drive a car,

You can drive a truck,

You can ride on a train,

Or in a bus.

How do you get from A to B?

Over land, through the air, or on the sea?

You can ride a scooter,

You can ride a bike,

You can ride a unicycle

If you like.

How do you get from A to B?

Over land, through the air, or on the sea?

You can sail a yacht

If the wind is right

Or inside a submarine

If it’s watertight.

You can fly a plane

Way up in the sky

Or a helicopter

If you want to try.

How do you get from A to B?

Over land, through the air, or on the sea?

You can catch a taxi

If you have the fare

Or you can walk

From here to there.

How do you get from A to B?

Over land, through the air, or on the sea?

You can fly a rocket ship

If you have been taught

But first you have to train to be

An astronaut.

How do you get from A to B?

Over land, through the air, or on the sea?

How do you get from A to B?

Over land, through the air, or on the sea?

 The first wheel, bike and airplane

Imagine if there was no other way to get around but by walking, it would take you a lot of time to get anywhere. So we need to thank a few people for saving our shoes. Like the person who invented the wheel. The wheel is everywhere: on our cars, trains and planes. But we don’t know who exactly made the first wheel. The oldest wheel found by archeologists is believed to be over fifty-five hundred years old.

Пред­ставь­те себе, если бы не было ни­ка­ко­го дру­го­го спо­со­ба пу­те­ше­ство­вать, кроме как пеш­ком, за­ня­ло бы у вас много вре­ме­ни, чтобы по­пасть в новое место. По­это­му нам сле­ду­ет по­бла­го­да­рить несколь­ко че­ло­век за со­хран­ность нашей обуви. На­при­мер, че­ло­ве­ка, ко­то­рый изоб­рел ко­ле­со. Ко­ле­со везде: на наших ав­то­мо­би­лях, по­ез­дах и са­мо­ле­тах. Но мы не знаем, кто имен­но изоб­рел пер­вое ко­ле­со. Счи­та­ет­ся, что са­мо­му пер­во­му ко­ле­су, най­ден­но­му ар­хео­ло­га­ми, более пяти с по­ло­ви­ной тысяч лет.

Пер­вое ко­ле­со

Рис. 2. Пер­вое ко­ле­со

When you are riding about on your bike, do you ever wonder what the first bicycle looked like? The first bicycle was invented almost two hundred years ago.

Когда вы едете на ве­ло­си­пе­де, вы за­ду­мы­ва­е­тесь над тем, как вы­гля­дел пер­вый ве­ло­си­пед? Пер­вый ве­ло­си­пед был изоб­ре­тен почти две­сти лет назад.

Пер­вый ве­ло­си­пед

Рис. 3. Пер­вый ве­ло­си­пед

 A good traveler should be ready to communicate at different places on his way

Useful travel expressions and general travel vocabulary

Where is the information desk, please?

What time does the plane for London take off / land?

How much is a ticket to Coventry?

Where is the station?

Where can we buy tickets?

What time will the train to London leave?

Where is platform number 7?

Where is the bus station, please?

When does the bus leave for Coventry?

How many stops before London?

The bus with / without air-conditioner.

The first working airplane was invented, designed, made and flown by in 1903.

Пер­вый ра­бо­чий са­мо­лет был изоб­ре­тен, раз­ра­бо­тан, скон­стру­и­ро­ван и за­пу­щен в 1903 году.

Пер­вый ра­бо­чий са­мо­лет

Рис. 4. Пер­вый ра­бо­чий са­мо­лет

 The poem about travelling

Now we can travel over the land, through the air and on the sea.

Listen, read and repeat the poem.

We go by car

And we go by train.

We go by boat

And we go by plane.

We go by land

And sea and air.

We go, go, go…

From here to there.

Ил­лю­стра­ция к песне  The poem about travelling

Рис. 5. Ил­лю­стра­ция к песне

Мы ездим на ма­шине,

Мы ездим в по­ез­дах.

Мы пла­ва­ем на лодке,

Ле­та­ем в са­мо­ле­тах.

По суше пу­те­ше­ству­ем,

По морю и по воз­ду­ху.

Мы ездим, ездим, ездим

От­сю­да и туда.

 Kinds of travel


Какой бы­ва­ет транс­порт

Рис. 6. Какой бы­ва­ет транс­порт

People can get to different places by plane.

People can get to different places by car.

People can get to different places by train.

People can get to different places by bus.

People can get to different places by ship.

 Useful travel vocabulary

to travel – to go from one place to another by car, train, plane, or ship

(пу­те­ше­ство­вать, осо­бен­но за гра­ни­цей)

При­мер: to travel for pleasure

a journey – a travelling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long

time (пу­те­ше­ствие, дли­тель­ная по­езд­ка)

При­мер: a six-day journey across the desert

a trip – a short journey, made by boat, train or bus, between two points

(пу­те­ше­ствие, ко­рот­кая по­езд­ка)

При­мер: It’s a short trip from London to Coventry.

a cruise – a pleasure voyage on a ship, usually with stops at various port

(мор­ской круиз)

a voyage – a long journey to a distant land, or by sea, or through air and space

(пу­те­ше­ствие по морю, воз­ду­ху, в кос­мо­се)

to hike (a hiking trip) – to walk a great distance for pleasure (пе­ше­ход­ный поход, экс­кур­сия)

Мир пу­те­ше­ствен­ни­ка

Рис. 7. Мир пу­те­ше­ствен­ни­ка

 Упражнение 1

Look at the words and try to do the matching between the words and definitions.

To travel 2. A journey 3. A trip 4. A cruise 5. A voyage 6. A hike (hiking trip)

a travelling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time

to go from one place to another by car, train, plane, or ship

a long journey to a distant land by sea, or through air and space

a pleasure voyage on a ship, usually with stops at various ports

to walk a great distance for pleasure

a short journey, made by boat, train or bus, between two points

 Ответ: 1b 2a 3f 4d 5c 6e.

 The story about Mike

Mike loves travelling a lot. Last year Mike took a trip to England. He went to the airport by bus and travelled to London by plane. In London he took a bus to the city centre. London buses are called double-deckers. They have a driver and a conductor. Mike got to most places in London very quickly by the underground. There are many lines in the London underground. He bought the tickets from the ticket office and the underground station, or from the automatic machines. If Mike was in a hurry, the fastest way of travelling was by taxi. Their shape and black color are famous all over the world. The “cabs”, as they are called, have become the symbol of London. London taxi drivers have green badges on their jackets. Mike had a wonderful time in London. Then he decided to go to Coventry, another city of England. It’s easy to get there by car or by train. Mike doesn’t have a car. So he went to the train station by bus and went to Coventry by train. He visited there a famous transport museum. He got there on foot. It took him 15 minutes. He discovered the very first bicycles and the fastest cars on Earth. Mike liked it a lot. Next year Mike is going to travel to France by ship, and you?

 Упражнение 2

How many means of transport do you remember?

1) First, Mike travelled by ___________.

2) Then, he took a journey by ____________.

3) After, Mike had a wonderful trip by _________.

4) He also travelled by _______________, on ___________ and by ____________.

5) He didn’t travel by _____________.

6) ­Mike is planning to go on a cruise by ____________.





taxi, on foot, by train



 Coventry Transport Museum, Great Britain

Coventry Transport Museum is the largest collection of British road transport in the world. This gallery is home to Thrust2 and ThrustSSC, the two fastest cars on Earth! You can ride in a simulator that accurately depicts what it is like to travel in Thrust SSC at a speed of over 700 mph. The cars Thrust2 and ThrustSSC are the true stars of this gallery! Welcome!



Вопросы к конспектам

За­пол­ни­те про­пус­ки под­хо­дя­щи­ми сло­ва­ми.
do    leave     where    does    leaves    when     by    by    from

            Jim: Hi, Steve! I want to go on a trip at the weekend. 1) _________ you want to join me?

            Steve: 2) ________________ do you want to go?

            Jim: Somewhere near the sea.

            Steve: Mmm, that sounds fine. Do you want to go 3) ___________ bus or train?

            Jim: 4) ______________ bus, it’s cheaper.

            Steve: And what time 5) _____________ the bus 6) ____________?

            Jim: Well, it 7) _______________ quite early.

            Steve: 8) _______________ exactly?

            Jim: At 7.50. 9) _________________ Victoria coach station.

            Steve: That’s ok. I’ll go with you.

Со­еди­ни­те слова так, чтобы по­лу­чи­лось сло­во­со­че­та­ние.





One day







travel card

Пе­ре­ве­ди­те сле­ду­ю­щие пред­ло­же­ния.

Как до­брать­ся до вок­за­ла?

Как часто ходят ав­то­бу­сы?

Во сколь­ко будет сле­ду­ю­щий поезд?

Мо­же­те под­вез­ти меня?

Вот ваша сдача.

Дайте, по­жа­луй­ста, два об­рат­ных би­ле­та.

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